About me … the reluctant baker

Welcome to my blog, which is meant to capture my many baking adventures as I discover new recipes or improve upon old faves.

I’ll start by saying that I never thought I could bake. As the child of Italian immigrants and descendant of a long line of great chefs, I’ve always been able to cook and was preparing fully homemade lasagnas for my family when I was just a tween. But all I ever wanted was to achieve the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Invariably my cookies turned out cakey and dry and sometimes burnt on the bottom.

And then one day began a series of incidents which led to my love of baking. I lost my job as a business office coordinator right before the Christmas season, I started watching a cooking show called Sugar and I acquired a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

So with lots of time on my hands, the right tools in the kitchen and the inspiration of the Christmas season – not to mention the many great shows on the Food Network – I discovered that I could indeed bake.

So why lopsided cakes? Well, my love of baking led me towards cake decoration … And I guess you could say I’m a cake decorating school dropout. That’s where I lost interest … Because in my kitchen it’s substance over style. And like with people, it’s what’s inside that matters. As long as my friends and family take great delight in my baking, so what if my cakes turn out a bit lopsided, or my cookies aren’t perfectly round?


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